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All activities listed on Cliste! which are located in Wicklow. Listed randomly. Click on the interactive map to access other counties!

Russborough House Featured Photo

Nov 2013 1.6K views 3:02
Russborough House
Historic Buildings

There are a number of different options for School Tours at Russborough House and Parklands with some new attractions...

Kippure Estate Featured Photo

Jul 2015 6.9K views 4:10
Kippure Estate
Outdoor Activities

Kippure Estate is an estate of 240 acres in northwest Co. Wicklow, near Manor Kilbride village, offering a venue of great...

Wicklow Mountains National Park Featured Photo

Jul 2009 104.2K views 2:51
Wicklow Mountains National Park

Wicklow Mountains National Park covers much of upland Wicklow and contains an area of nearly 20,000 hectares. Our Education...

Hell and Back Featured Photo

Sep 2016 20.5K views 1:55
Hell and Back
Outdoor Activities

Hell and Back is an outdoor activity centre that offers different school tour packages. All the tour options are meant to...

Avon Rí Featured Photo

Jun 2011 2.5K views 1:50
Avon Rí
Outdoor Activities

With our unrivaled outdoor activity venue, access to the beautiful Blessington Lakeshore, and as proud caretakers of the...

Powerscourt Estate Featured Photo

Aug 2015 79.3K views 3:21
Powerscourt Estate
Historic Buildings

Attracting 250,000 visitors worldwide each year, Powerscourt Gardens in Ireland is one of the most visited tourist...

Hidden Valley Holiday Park Featured Photo

Aug 2016 12.2K views 2:01
Hidden Valley Holiday Park
Outdoor Activities

The Hidden Valley Holiday Park cater to both primary and secondary schools, and they have a wide range of activities to...

Festina Lente Gardens Featured Photo

Jul 2017 544 views 0:49
Festina Lente Gardens
Outdoor Activities

At Festina Lente Gardens we can offer you a variety of fun workshops for schools. We cater for all different ages and group...

Marine Dimensions Featured Photo

Jan 1970 views 0:49
Marine Dimensions
Nature Activities

Whether you are a young person considering a career in marine biology, or a nature enthusiast who’d just like to know more...

Zoom Adventure Play Featured Photo

Aug 2014 5.2K views 1:04
Zoom Adventure Play
Indoor Activities

Zoom Adventure Play is an exciting and thrilling world, where school children can tear about, climbing, sliding and jumping...

Cool Planet Experience Featured Photo

May 2018 2.2K views 1:11
Cool Planet Experience
Global Citizenship

The Cool Planet Experience is a non-profit charitable organization and visitors center on a mission to educate, engage and...

Glendalough Visitor Centre Featured Photo

Jul 2017 1.2K views 0:47
Glendalough Visitor Centre
Historic Buildings

This early Christian ecclesiastical settlement was founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century. Set in a glaciated valley with...

Kilmacurragh Arboretum Featured Photo

Oct 2017 784 views 4:20
Kilmacurragh Arboretum
Nature Activities

It is the remnants of a large estate planted during the 19th century by Thomas Acton in conjunction with David Moore and his...

Sea Life Bray Featured Photo

Jan 2017 1.7K views 13:02
Sea Life Bray

Sea Life Bray schools program is perfect for introducing pupils to a range of scientific topics and encouraging excitement...

Greenan Maze Featured Photo

Feb 2017 2.5K views 4:08
Greenan Maze
Outdoor Activities

Greenan Maze have been hosting school tours for over 20 years and have very experienced and friendly tour guides. A school...

Wicklow's Historical Gaol Featured Photo

Dec 2010 4.5K views 2:04
Wicklow’s Historical Gaol
Historic Buildings

Wicklow's Historical Gaol is a former prison, now a museum, located in the town of Wicklow. Upon entering the building, your...