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Athlone Castle Featured Photo

Dec 2015 451 views 4:18
Athlone Castle
Historic Buildings

School tours are very much welcomed to Athlone Castle where students will receive a guided tour of Athlone Castle visitor centre,...

Dún na Sí Featured Photo

Dec 2015 4.8K views 1:37
Dún na Sí
Heritage Centres

Take a trip back in time on their Heritage Trail and meet some legends along the way, or explore wild nature in their Parkland,...

Boycey Sports Featured Photo

Sep 2014 21 views 1:02
Boycey Sports
Outdoor Activities

Boyce Sports is a Family Business based in Westmeath. They provide activities throughout the Country with over 180 venues on offer....

Fore Abbey Featured Photo

Mar 2016 606 views 3:33
Fore Abbey
Historic Buildings

In a tranquil, green valley in the village of Fore, about a 30-minute drive from Mullingar in County Westmeath, visitors can view the...

Portlick Scout Campsite Featured Photo

Feb 2017 846 views 1:06
Portlick Scout Campsite
Outdoor Activities

Portlick Scout Campsite can take up to 120 students in groups of 25 – 30, so it’s perfect for bringing more than one class at a...

Clonard House Featured Photo

Feb 2019 162 views 1:13
Clonard House
Historic Buildings

[Victorian Escapade] Set in a stunning Victorian house, your students will have the opportunity to explore the wonders of a world now...

Belvedere House Featured Photo

May 2017 245 views 2:04
Belvedere House
Historic Buildings

Belvedere House Gardens & Park is a very important example of cultural built heritage that has been transformed into a tourism...