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Waterford Suir Valley Railway Featured Photo

May 2021 69 views 1:37
Waterford Suir Valley Railway
Heritage Centres

Discover the Story of Rail at Waterford Suir Valley Railway, Kilmeadan Station. Read the story boards to learn about William Dargan,...

Copper Coast Geopark Featured Photo

Jul 2013 219 views 1:07
Copper Coast Geopark
STEM Activities

The Geopark is a remarkable area where geology, ecology, archaeology, agriculture, and mining heritage from the bustling copper mining...

Reginald's Tower Featured Photo

Sep 2013 1.9K views 2:43
Reginald’s Tower
Historic Buildings

Reginald's Tower is a circular tower, part of the town's defenses, built at the beginning of the 13th century, with a second phase in...

Freedom Surf School Featured Photo

Feb 2012 2.3K views 2:35
Freedom Surf School
Outdoor Activities

Freedom Surf School :Bilingual Adventure Education Centre is an award-winning center providing primary & secondary school tours,...

Enda O'Doherty Featured Photo

Mar 2019 2.3K views 1:44
Enda O’Doherty
Social & Personal

Enda O’Doherty, an inspirational speaker and endurance athlete who has taken on some of the world's toughest challenges. His...

Move2B Featured Photo

Mar 2021 140 views 1:03
Social & Personal

The Move2B Project uses sport as an agent for change to empower girls across Ireland. Our aim is to retain teenage girls already...

Waterford Museum of Treasures Featured Photo

Mar 2009 1.3K views 4:32
Waterford Museum of Treasures

Fun for both adults and children alike, the Epic Tour of the Viking Triangle organized by Waterford Treasures – Three Museums in the...

Activate Featured Photo

Aug 2017 1.8K views 2:26
Indoor Activities

Looking for somewhere new and exciting to visit for your school tour this year? Why not visit ACTIVATE, the number one choice for...

Personal Safety Ireland Featured Photo

May 2017 43 views 1:01
Personal Safety Ireland

This programme helps secondary school students develop increased personal safety and awareness. They will learn to recognise and...

House of Waterford Crystal Featured Photo

Jun 2012 24.8K views 3:55
House of Waterford Crystal
Heritage Centres

The story of Waterford Crystal dates back over 200 years, while inspirations for designs reach back even further: to castles, Vikings...

Lismore Heritage Centre Featured Photo

Sep 2016 6.4K views 3:27
Lismore Heritage Centre
Heritage Centres

Lismore Heritage Centre offers to your class a complete set of activities that includes a full-day tour, where students get to know the...

Dungarvan Castle Featured Photo

Jun 2019 70 views 1:36
Dungarvan Castle
Historic Buildings

The castle consists of a polygonal shell keep with an enclosing curtain wall, a corner tower and a gate tower. The shell keep is the...

Edmund Rice Featured Photo

Mar 2013 5.8K views 9:45
Edmund Rice

The Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre in Waterford, Ireland, is the resting place of Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian and...

Lismore Castle Arts Featured Photo

Lismore Castle Arts
Art Galleries

Lismore Castle Arts, a not-for-profit initiative, is a key contemporary visual arts venue in ...