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All activities listed on Cliste! which are located in Kilkenny. Listed randomly. Click on the interactive map to access other counties!

Kilkenny Castle Featured Photo

Jul 2014 17K views 9:05
Kilkenny Castle
Historic Buildings

Few buildings in Ireland can boast a longer history of continuous occupation than Kilkenny Castle. Founded soon after the...

Nore Valley Park Featured Photo

Jul 2019 475 views 1:16
Nore Valley Park
Outdoor Activities

School tours at Nore Valley Park are not only great fun for the children but also active, educational and affordable....

St. Canice's Cathedral Featured Photo

Oct 2013 278 views 2:35
St. Canice’s Cathedral
Historic Buildings

St Canice’s Cathedral has been an important site of Christian worship since the 6th century. For both pilgrims and tourists...

Kilkenny Activity Centre Featured Photo

Oct 2015 4.5K views 3:14
Kilkenny Activity Centre
Outdoor Activities

School Tours at the Kilkenny Activity Centre, as seen on TV3, BBC, and RTE. They provide a purpose-built centre located in...

St. Mary's Church - Gowran Featured Photo

Jan 2017 158 views 3:24
St. Mary’s Church – Gowran
Historic Buildings

This collegiate church was built in the late 13th century on the site of an earlier monastery. It was served by a 'college' -...

Heritage in Schools Featured Photo

Oct 2018 396 views 1:38
Heritage in Schools
Heritage Centres

The Heritage in Schools scheme makes available to primary schools a panel of 165 heritage specialists who will, at the...

Castlecomer Discovery Park Featured Photo

Aug 2018 1.7K views 2:18
Castlecomer Discovery Park
Outdoor Activities

Castlecomer's Discovery Park established school program offers a range of student-centered, curriculum-based education...

Medieval Mile Museum Featured Photo

Apr 2019 275 views 2:00
Medieval Mile Museum

With a visit to Kilkenny's Medieval Mile Museum, pupils will gain an insight into life and death in medieval Kilkenny,...

Jerpoint Abbey Featured Photo

Sep 2016 270 views 2:50
Jerpoint Abbey
Historic Buildings

An outstanding Cistercian abbey founded in the second half of the 12th century. The church with its Romanesque details dates...

Shankill Castle Featured Photo

May 2017 238 views 1:21
Shankill Castle
Historic Buildings

Shankill Castle is a living museum in Ireland’s Ancient East. Wander through time and explore our unique heritage and...

Budo Martial Arts Centre Featured Photo

Dec 2017 51 views 1:41
Budo Martial Arts Centre

The Budo Martial Arts Centre teaches traditional Shotokan Karate as taught by the Japan Shotokan Karate Association. We can...

National Reptile Zoo Featured Photo

Aug 2016 776 views 1:05
National Reptile Zoo
Nature Activities

Learning becomes interactive when the students take part in the handling session with the National Reptile Zoo for school...

Rothe House Featured Photo

Sep 2014 713 views 3:46
Rothe House
Historic Buildings

School pupils who visit Rothe House and Garden are guaranteed to have fun as well as learn. Children will have the...

Kells Priory Featured Photo

Sep 2015 1.3K views 3:17
Kells Priory
Historic Buildings

Kells Priory is one of the most impressive Augustinian priories in Ireland. It is a unique example of a fortified monastery,...

Go With The Flow Featured Photo

Jan 2019 53 views 2:15
Go With The Flow
Outdoor Activities

Explore the most dramatic and beautiful section of the Barrow Valley in Ireland’s Ancient East. Enjoy plenty of...

Dunmore Cave Featured Photo

Feb 2019 231 views 1:44
Dunmore Cave
Heritage Centres

History and geology blend at Dunmore Cave to give an interesting and unique situation. Consisting of a series of chambers...