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Coding Ireland Featured Photo

Jul 2019 132.3K views 4:21
Coding Ireland
STEM Activities

Coding Ireland provide primary schools with an easy to use Coding Curriculum and Teacher Training for how to teach coding. The Coding...

Altamont Gardens Featured Photo

Jan 2018 673 views 4:00
Altamont Gardens
Nature Activities

Large, beautiful old-world garden, Robinsonian in style with a strong emphasis on the informal tradition of combining a good plant...

Visual Centre for Contemporary Art Featured Photo

Jun 2011 183 views 9:56
Visual Centre for Contemporary Art
Art Galleries

The Visual Centre for Contemporary Art have a wide range of activities and events for primary and secondary schools, in both the...

Blackstairs Eco Trails Featured Photo

Sep 2016 2.6K views 1:49
Blackstairs Eco Trails
Nature Activities

Children enjoy an action-packed day - full of fun and learning about the secret life of the great outdoors. Lots of props are provided...

Dave's Jungle Featured Photo

Mar 2010 3.8K views 1:58
Dave’s Jungle
Nature Activities

Dave's Jungle offer schools an explaining workshop and insightful look at animals. Children learn how the world may appear to the...

Chocolate Garden Featured Photo

Aug 2010 19 views 2:57
Chocolate Garden

Nurture your students interest in starting their own business through visiting this award-winning Chocolate & Ice Cream Factory. We...

Carlow County Museum Featured Photo

Jul 2012 1.3K views 2:33
Carlow County Museum

Carlow County Museum is located in Carlow’s Cultural Quarter, just off the town’s main street and is entered through the tourist...

Carlow Military Museum Featured Photo

Jul 2011 725 views 2:39
Carlow Military Museum

Carlow Military Museum is a museum dedicated to the military history of county Carlow and its people. It is located in the church on...