Historic Buildings

Historic buildings of all shapes and sizes, from old castles and churches to modern country mansions.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor adventure centres that offer educational activities and sports, from archery to zip-lining.


Museums of all sorts, from the political and historical, to sports and culture.


Nature and wildlife activities from pet farms and aquariums to projects that deal with the natural physical world.

Heritage Centres

Heritage and historical sites from caves and bogs to libraries, cottages and castles.

The Arts

Arts and cultural activities covering a wide range of subjects and interests.

Indoor Activities

Sports and interactive challenges, from trampolining to problem solving and logical reasoning tasks.


Workshops and courses providing unique social, personal and self-development tools for students.


All activities related to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).


Courses that aspire to develop good mental and physical health in young people.

Global Citizenship

Organizations that inspire global solidarity by supporting people to fully realize their civic rights and foster civic responsibility.


Teaching the skills of the entrepreneur and the creativity necessary for a successful business.

Work Skills

Courses designed to aid students prepare for the workplace.

Study Skills

Courses designed to aid students develop good study techniques and prepare for examinations.

All activities

All the above categories of activities mixed in together.